Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Fun

The bell ringers let Jack take over!

The poor gingerbread man met a terrible fate while waiting for his house to be built.

We went to the Art Play Center to paint ornaments.

We went to see Christmas lights with cousins--thankfully it was warm that night!

Each year we get an ornament for each member of the family. This year, Jay and Jack had just finished reading The Wizard of Oz when we went to pick them out and Jack was thrilled to find a Tin Man for him and a scene ornament for Jay.

Instead of making sugar cookies like we have in the past, we made gingerbread cookies using the recipe from Gingerbread Friends. They were tasty!

This was our second year to go see the scenes from The Nutcracker Suite. Alice loved them and kept asking for more, even after we were on our way home.

Our Christmas muffin tins have been put to good use this month, too!

It has been busy this month, but we have had a good time--except for the stomach bug we all got which caused Jack to miss his Christmas choir performance. Thankfully we were all on the mend rather quickly and ready to have more fun! Merry Christmas!

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Rachel said...

Love all the fun you do with your kids!! You are a great mom!