Wednesday, December 15, 2010

FIAR Ornament Exchange

This was our third year to participate in the FIAR Ornament Exchange. We now have so many ornaments from our FIAR friends around the country (and around the world!) that we have them on a little tree in our school room.

The families who want to participate sign up and a very nice, patient person--this year it was Kendra--takes the time to put everyone on a list and send out all the addresses. Then you make ornaments (usually FIAR-themed) and send them to the other families on your list.

After that, you sit back and watch the ornaments come in! Actually, this year we were on the late side with ours. Jack had picked the book we were going to do a while back and I had an idea of what we would do, but when I tested the idea (the week before we were supposed to mail the ornaments), it didn't work at all.

We got this ornament from The Rag Coat last year (?), but we were rowing it this year when we got the ornaments out and Jack was excited about it.

He was also very intrigued by the ornaments for The Giraffe That Walked to Paris. I told him that it was out of print and very expensive, so we probably wouldn't be rowing that one, but guess who lucked out and found one on Amazon for $48?

This is the ornament we made this year. We used Model Magic to make the ornament and then Jack drew the moonjellies and we mod podged them. Not what I had in mind originally, but they turned out fine and Jack enjoyed the book so much that he really wanted to use it for the ornaments this year.

This was a new addition this year that we are using as our tree-topper!

Thank you and Merry Christmas to all of our FIAR friends!


Trish A said...

I am loving our Raft up there front and center! :)

You know, we were wondering how you guys made the Jellies. Good to know.

Anonymous said...

Jen, dear, do you realize you are spelling "reading" as "rowing" and have been doing that for quite a while??? A mental quirk, a secret joke, a plain typo???

Your old English-teacher friend, Dea Ann

Rachel said...

I love that!

Kendra said...

We got the ornament today! :D Would you believe that not only did the boys know what book it was, they also knew it was made from clay. They were in awe that you guys got to use clay. hehe