Sunday, November 16, 2008

FIAR Ornament Exchange

This year was our first year to participate in the FIAR ornament exchange. We signed up and got our list of other families around the country (and in Canada) that we would send to and receive from. And then I did nothing.

I had an idea in my mind for a while to do Corduroy, which was the first Before Five in a Row book we did last year. I toyed with a couple of ways to make him, but in the end, I came to my senses and picked the easiest one. We found some wooden cut outs (for just a quarter each!) at Michael's and we were good to go!

Ready to paint!

I cut and lined up while Jack painted and glued, and when we were done we had a Corduroy army.

When we have received all of our ornaments I will be sure to post. I'm still trying to figure out where we'll put them since our tiny tree is already overloaded!


Michele said...

Oh they are adorable!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you get his haircut? It looks shorter? RWBGMA

Alana - The Mommy said...

We put ours ornaments on a wreath last year. That was perfect!

They are really cute. Good job.