Monday, August 23, 2010

A Night at Mar-Gra's

During our first week of school, we rowed Night of the Moonjellies by Mark Shasha. Saturday night we had our own Mar-Gra's restaurant here for my mom and dad and grandma and great-aunt.

We painted a big sign, Jack made the menu, and he also painted an ocean scene for decoration.

He loved serving through the window and could hardly wait for the burgers to be done.

He's already thinking about having another restaurant when we row Little Nino's Pizzeria.

We had a great time! If you haven't read this book before, you should definitely check it out. The illustrations are beautiful!

(On a side note, I hope to be blogging more soon. We are so busy lately with getting into a school routine as well as a few other things going on, but I am hoping to get some posts up soon!)


Rachel said...

You guys are so cute!! I love this! I think it is so much fun. You are a great mom and an awesome teacher for your kids.

OH yeah, and it's about time you blogged about it... I've been waiting to see pictures! LOL!

Amber said...

I love it!!! You're so great. :-)

Michele said...

What great fun! We are going to be rowing Night of the Moonjellies in a couple of weeks and we are also going have a Mar-Gra's night. The boys don't know about it yet. Justin and I have done it once before and loved it!

Rivka said...

Oh, how perfect to have a serving window for this activity! He must have been so proud to be working the window like that.

Anonymous said...

Just found your great pictures of your Mar-Gra's through a friend.

- Mark Shasha
(author/illustrator of NIGHT OF THE MOONJELLIES)