Thursday, August 12, 2010

The First Day of First Grade

Today was our first day of school. It was also the first day of gymnastics for both kids, which meant leaving the house twice, so we kept things light.

I tried to distract Alice with some new bristle blocks before we got started. It worked well--until we got started. She wants to be a part of everything.

Jack got a heiroglyphic decoder for his Egypt box and he had to use it to crack the code. He was thrilled with this and told everyone he saw today about his code de-cracker. (His handwriting can be really good or really meh. Later in the day he showed me a cover he had designed for a Mario Brothers game and if there had been anyone else in the house, I would have guessed they had done the writing. Welcome to the world of six year old boys.)

After Alice's gymnastics class, we picked up Taco Bueno for our lunch. Alice got a bath.

Tonight for dessert we had cupcakes!

Our first day went very well. My favorite part (so of course I didn't have the camera nearby) was when Jack was reading and Alice crawled up by him and put her head on his shoulder and patted on his chest while she listened to him read. It lasted about five seconds, but it was so sweet it could rot your teeth. Hopefully the second day will go as well!


Amber said...

I am glad it went well! I love when the older ones read to the younger ones! I hope it becomes a habit in your house. :-)

NHMommy said...

Oh that last part sounds heartbreakingly cute!! It's those little moments that make the Taco Bueno mess worth it.