Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Carrot Cake

I made the best cake ever today. It was Jay's birthday. (I was going to title this post Happy Birthday, Jay!, but apparently that's been done before.) I grated carrots for an hour this morning to make this and I thought of Ramona and Beezus and the time they forgot to turn on the crock pot the whole time.

Jack has been dying to give Jay the present he picked out--Super Mario Galaxy 2. He even made custom wrapping paper and was up early to make sure Jay got to open it before leaving for work.

After Jay left for work, we went and picked up a gift certificate for a massage. We had to wait a few minutes while the receptionist was on the phone and Jack tip-toed all around the waiting area and tried to peek in the back and finally came up to me and whispered, "What kind of place is this?" Apparently he didn't feel it was his kind of place.

We finished up the cake this afternoon and lit the candles when Jay got home from work.

Happy birthday to the best husband around!

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