Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Oklahoma Aquarium

Yesterday we wrapped up our ocean study with a trip to the aquarium. Jack had only been once before and he had just turned three, so he really had no memory of it. When he walked into the main hall, he turned around and gave me this look.

Jack really enjoyed the different touch tanks. Here he is touching a horseshoe crab.

He also tried feeding the shrimp.

We spotted some real live moonjellies!

Jack was excited to find some alligator snapping turtles. He loves the one at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

Alice finally woke up around the time we were ready to go into the ocean room.

The shark and stingray touch tank was fun, too. One of the stingrays loved to have people pet him and would flop up out of the water.

Alice wouldn't put her hand in the water, but she liked looking at the babies in the nursery. She even used one finger like you were supposed to do in the touch tank.

Feeding some shrimp to the stingrays. I thought it was a little weird that you could feed food to the shrimp, but further down the hall, the shrimp became the food!

I think this was a shark egg. Alice would not touch it, but she liked looking at it.

Shark teeth!

We had a great time!

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Kendra said...

Ooo, A mermaid's purse! :D You can find them washed up on the beach sometimes and that's what shark and ray eggs are called. Of course, when we WANT to find one we can't. Bummer! hehe