Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An Extraordinary Ordinary Day

Friday was a break from the usual around here. The temperature was supposed to be in the upper 50s, so after donuts at my mom and dad's office, we headed to the museum, had a picnic at the arboretum, and then went over to the children's museum.

We had lots of fun, and as you can see, we were pretty worn out at the end of the day. On the way home, Jack said it was the best day ever, which surprised me; even though we don't usually do a lot of big events, spending a day doing things around town is hardly out of the ordinary for us. And that is what I love about our life right now. Jack could be stuck behind a desk for six hours a day, rain or shine, but instead of taking snow days, he can take a sunny day in the middle of winter and enjoy it with his friends--and very few crowds, which I really love. Now that the weather is cold again, we're back to our more ordinary days, but I am glad that we can have the extraordinary ones so easily, too!

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