Monday, January 24, 2011

January Randomness

I noticed that in December I made a whopping five posts. Yeah, five. But that was December, and everyone knows December is a busy month. I got to five posts in January by the eleventh. And least I will beat last month. It's not that I don't want to blog--I've got tons of posts in my head--it's just that with school and the house and a baby who is beginning to give up naps, time gets away from me. So without further excuses, here are some odds and ends from the last few weeks. (The picture above is from a trip to the grocery store. Alice wanted all of the clips in her hair. Right then. And that was the smile I got when I asked for one.)

We got a bit of snow. The real problem, though, was the cold. When this was taken, we were out looking for the septic sprinklers so we could uncover them. Right before we went outside, the radio announcer said the wind chill was -4.

Working on a Lego set from Christmas.

Boris and Lulu have finally made their peace with each other.

Honestly, the number one thing that keeps me from getting blog posts done has to be cleaning. Next month's sensory bin will NOT have rice in it and all math activities involving beans will be done at a time when the sensory bun is put away. I learned my lesson that day.

It snowed again last week. The public school kids got two days off. We continued on as usual.

Alice was finally awake for some yogurt.

Today was homeschool day at the local bounce place. Alice had the best time with her brother!

So there you have it! Please do check back in soon and I will have something new up!

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Jared Hanshaw said...

Boris may have accepted Lulu but, I aint coming anywhere near that thing. That's some Pet Sematary stuff right there.