Friday, July 2, 2010

Staying Cool

It's hot out there. So hot that I took this picture--of Jack and the neighbor eating ice pops, in case you can't tell--through the window instead of opening the door and letting out my precious cool air. So hot that I've been wearing shorts in public. Really, really, hot.

We get the hose out almost daily. It's fun for the kids, but it has the unintended effect of making the grass grow, which does not please Jay.

Water balloons are a big hit, too, but they don't last long.

We try to hit the splash pad at least once a week. Alice has tan lines now, which may not be the best thing on a baby, but it's hard to keep her corralled in the shade when she sees the big kids in the water.

We also have a new yogurt bar in town that is fun to visit when it's hot. Or when the sun is in the sky. Or when you need a big ole cup of cookies and cream yogurt smothered in crushed oreos.

Alice doesn't always appreciate it yet, but I'm sure she'll see the light by next summer.

I hope you're staying cool!

1 comment:

Michele said...

Looks like lots of fun!! I WISH we had a splash pad nearby. I have searched and searched. Nothing.