Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm An Awful Person

This sign clinched it for me. I am horrible. I cannot help but laugh when people fall down. Not just laugh haha, but shake and cry laugh. I know that America's Funniest Home Video kind of humor is about the lowest form of comedy, but I can't help it. Falling gets me every. single. time.

There used to be a giant metal knight that you could see from the highway on the way into town. He started leaning backward at the waist and by the time they took him down, he looked like he was in a slow-motion fall about to hit the ground. I would get giddy with anticipation as I got closer to the knight, but since I was driving 60+, I didn't think it was wise to take a picture. I did slow down for this one on my way home, though. It brightens up my day to see it. Maybe if the city thinks there is a big enough chance that someone will fall that they put out a sign, I will actually see someone do it. Just hopefully not in front of my car, because that would ruin it. (I don't know why they just spent money on a sign rather than fixing the problem, but I like it anyway.)

So if we are together and you fall, please know that although I am laughing at you, I really do hope you're okay. I just can't ask because I'm laughing too hard. And if it's any comfort, I have laughed at some of my very own falls, too. Not long after we moved here, I took a horrendous tumble right on my kneecap in my parents' garage. As I was headed for the ground, I realized that this was probably a spectacular fall. And then I thought I might be crippled for life. Thankfully I wasn't--and of course that was when we didn't have insurance--but my knee does still give me any trouble. I'm hoping that story absolves me of some of my awfulness.

And for you enjoyment, here are a couple of goodies. A friend posted this one on her Facebook page, and what really makes it are the subtitles at the end. And here's a little montage I found on Youtube. I was tearing up watching it when Jack came in, so I had to pause it and act like a respectable mother, not some jerk laughing at other people's pain. But I just can't help it.

Back soon with a nicer post!


Goddess Lauri said...

Darn! As I read this I was thinking I needed to find you a good fall montage on youtube! You beat me. It is really too bad we don't live closer. I fall ALL THE TIME! And its ALWAYS funny. I don't just kind of fall, I FALL! I think you have inspired a blog post. A chronicle of my most embarrassing falls.

April said...

this is EXACTLY me!
(and most people look at me like i'm the most awful person on the planet)