Tuesday, July 20, 2010


flux: [fluhks] noun: continuous change, passage, or movement

We are in a state of flux here.

Alice seems to be trying very hard to leave two naps behind. She is usually quite agreeable in the mornings.

And then comes this. The problem is, she is trying to go from two naps to no naps. Last week she napped about 45 minutes each day. This wouldn't be a problem except a) she is keeping her regular waking and bed times and b) she's a baby. So we get this lovely face. You wouldn't believe the accompanying audio.

After a while, she chills out and does something else, like trying to string beads. She refuses to sleep, though. I happened across an article last week about children moving to only one nap. It said that it was rough to give up the hour and a half of free time in the morning, but the afternoon nap would become longer--about three hours--until they gave it up completely between the ages of three and four. I felt like kicking the author in the stomach really hard after reading that.

In a more positive example of change, we switched Alice's seat to the forward facing position. Now, though, she can see if we have drinks and she wants one. This little baby is becoming a real little person. Look out!


The Smith Family said...

I hear you about the naps and the emotions that come with them. My daughter was the exact same way. For us, I think my daughter felt like she was missing out on something if she napped.

Samantha's napping days stopped when she was around 2.



Rachel said...

She won't choke on those beads will she?

Goddess Lauri said...

When my kids left a 2nd nap behind they did not take a longer one in the afternoon. In fact, Alyssa left her morning nap behind really early. I found that for her especially, since there was an older kid who was not napping, I had to lay down and cuddle her to go to sleep. I even went so far as to hold her in a sort of death grip because once she stopped moving she fell right to sleep.
Another option is "quiet time" but this works better when they are around 2 or more. This is when I said you can watch a video or look at books but if you start getting wild you have to take a nap. It didn't work for me, ever, but I heard from others it does.

Rachel said...

My girls never did the 2 nap thing, only one long nap in the afternoons for Emalee and Nan, she's kind of like Alice. It really was the whole thing about missing out on something. Our afternoons became very quiet and very boring for a little while and then I would randomly find Anna asleep behind a door, on the tile floor or sitting on the couch sound asleep. ((HUGS))