Monday, July 5, 2010

Girly Girl

One day Jack told me, "Mom, Alice isn't very ladylike. She's kind of manlike."

I think he was thinking of instances like this one, which you see fairly often with Alice. And she doesn't have a dainty laugh, either. When she thinks something is funny, she throws her head back and really, really laughs hard.

But she loves her baby dolls. (Here she is hugging on Honey, a doll I got for my first Christmas.)

She got two new baby dolls, a stroller, and a baby bed for her birthday. She grabs those babies up and hugs them so hard it's almost abusive.

When we went to the toy store last week, she didn't seem to think she had enough.

And then there are the accessories. This pink bracelet came with the toy purse she got for Christmas. She has been wearing it almost all the time lately--she even sleeps in it sometimes.

Thankfully, it's waterproof, too.

When she found the lacing beads, she wanted to wear them.

I'm just going to warn you in advance that if you visit us, she will confiscate your shoes. Sorry about that.

And you can't forget the glasses! I am rarely the one wearing my own glasses.

I am just hoping that she continues to like Target, or the teen years are going to be very expensive around here!


Rachel said...

She is just pure sugar! I just can't get enough! I think she's perfect.
And um, that last picture is a little obscene!! hahahahaaha!

Goddess Lauri said...

I love that bracelet!! Alyssa was like that. Jewelry and baby dolls. I love it. Lily was not really like that.