Monday, March 21, 2011

Nature Study: Baby Style

In case you weren't aware, it's a law that you have to "do" nature study if you're a homeschooler. Well, maybe not a law, but I would guess that 90% of homsechoolers would tell you they do it, and probably at least half of those actually do.

We're all for nature study around here. Both kids love being outside and exploring. We used to attend a nature study group on a regular basis, but a couple of things have deterred us lately: the weather and Alice. Honestly, I'm just not up for taking two kids out in freezing temperatures when it's guaranteed that one will want to run far ahead where I can't see him and the other will poop as soon as we're in the middle of the woods. There's a lot to explore around the house, though, where kids are free to run and diaper changes are easy!

While Jack was playing with the neighbor, Alice and I had some neat finds in the flower bed. She loves the caterpillars--but she still won't hold one.

We came across a snail! He was still in the same area when we checked the next day!

We also found a dead wasp and of course, an ant. There are always ants here. Always. Later in the evening, we dug around and found a giant worm--at least 3 inches long.

There's lots to find in your own yard, so take your kids out--however young they may be--and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Snails are slow moving! Loved your explanation of why you don't go on the nature walks anymore! Speaking soon as I was ready to eat my burger at McD the other night...Alice comes up and says "stinky"!!! Fortunately she was just wet! RWBGMA

Amber said...

we don't study nature as much as I would like. We get a really good study in maybe once a month. I have good intentions, though!!