Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Artist Study: Matisse

 Our last artist study for the year was on Henri Matisse.  (We don't have any coverings on the school room windows and it is really hard to get a straight shot of this bulletin board without a glare!)

 We love the Getting to Know... books--for artists and presidents!

 A couple more of the books we used.  We also watched the Dropping in on Matisse DVD, which the kids enjoyed.

 We tried the Overlapping Matisse Shapes from Art Projects for Kids.  (And then we went through and tossed a bunch of old markers!)

 We also tried this collage project from Jen's blog.

This is Alice's--I cut the shapes out for the person, but she assembled them cut the other paper and glued it all down herself.

We also did this watercolor project, but I can't find the finished project or a picture at the moment!  It's time to do some end of the year cleaning out and organizing!

Artist study has been a big hit this year!  I am going to come up with a list of famous artists who have works nearby we can go see next year!

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