Sunday, May 6, 2012

Miss Rumphius

 Over the last couple of weeks (we had a break in there while I was at the OCHEC Convention) we have been rowing Miss Rumphius.

 Printables were from HSS, as usual!

 We watched the DVD of this book and discussed how it was similar to Miss Rumphius.

 Jack's Venn Diagram

 We made thumbprint flowers--and learned that if you get the paint too gloppy, it doesn't look like a thumbprint anymore!

 We reviewed the parts of a plant.

 A few go-alongs...

 I wasn't trying to be artsy here, I was just trying to get rid of the glare.  And then blogger flipped it...

 Island Boy is another Barbara Cooney book that has some similarities to Miss Rumphius.

 This was a great tie-in with our story and our presidents!

 For tea time one day we had flower cupcakes!

 We wrapped up the week by setting up this little greenhouse.  Hopefully we will see some growth soon!

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danielle said...

We are learning about plants also! Saw a lot of the same books that we used. Love seeing someone else's take on it!