Monday, June 18, 2012

The Family Party

 Now that we're home and more family can come over to celebrate the kids' birthdays, we usually have a separate family party instead of trying to have all of our family and friends all over at once.  It also gives me a chance to try out ideas for the kids' cakes before their other parties.

 We got sparkler candles and Jack couldn't get his to go out.

 I love the look Alice is giving him here!

 Jack's birthday theme was Legos this year.  I'm showing you this centerpiece because there's no picture of a similar one at his kid party--I'll tell you the story on that later.

 Alice wanted a ballerina party, so I used a lot of pink and purple.  I tried these colored jars a couple of times and finally got some I was happy with.

 Alice was sooooo excited to get a pink dinosaur!

 She has already played with the water table enough to make it worth it!

 Two things Jack loves:  Legos and Harry Potter!

The kids had fun playing outside some, too.  I took the picture from inside, though, because I don't have as much fun in the heat as they do!

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Kendra said...

Oh my goodness.. our Lego loving Harry Potter boys got that game for Christmas. They are STILL playing it like crazy.