Thursday, June 21, 2012


 In between parties, we took a quick trip to Branson.  I think the last time I was there was when I was 11, so we weren't sure what to expect!

 The first night we were there we drove the main street where you can see all kinds of interesting things!  A tip:  Unless you're going somewhere on the main drag, take an alternate route and save yourself 20 minutes.

 We stayed at a really nice condo a few miles south of Silver Dollar City.

 The kids were excited to find a playground there!

 Friday morning we went to the Butterfly Palace.

 They had the best mirror maze I've ever seen!  You could really get lost in it!

 They also have a giant tree to climb.

 Friday afternoon we saw Joseph.  It was really impressive!

 When we did get a bit of down time, the kids liked to have snacks on the balcony.

 Friday night we did a dinner cruise.

 After dinner, there was a show.

 The kids loved running around the boat!

Other than my hair blowing around, I was thinking this wasn't a bad picture.  Then I noticed the photobomb!

More pictures of the rest of the trip soon!

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