Friday, July 13, 2012

Lego Learning

 As you may have heard, we love Legos!  This week's post at Metro Family is all about learning with Legos.

 Jack and some of his recent Lego scenes.

 Each week when we learn about a new president, we read one of the Getting to Know... books.  They have funny cartoons that Jack loves and one day he decided to recreate some of them with his Legos--like this one of Grover Cleveland returning to the White House after four years away.

 George Washington crossing the Delaware

 James Madison--since he was short, Jack used his little minifigure legs.

This is Thomas Jefferson--I can't recall the picture, but Jack says that he had a sack of seeds, which is what the backpack with the yellow discs is for.
William Howard Taft and his huge bathtub

Ulysses S. Grant and one of his unsavory friends

Now that Jack has amassed quite a collection of minifigures he can build just about anything--or anyone!


CINDY said...

Love it! Good job, Jack! I've used the Getting to know artists books in the past and didn't even know they had them for the presidents.

Anonymous said...

This is a great way for him to remember. he'll have something concrete to associate with each name! Saving this for when my grandson gets a little older! Thanks for sharing.

Dr. Jill E. Steeley said...

Little boys and Legos. What a perfect combination!