Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bug Out!

 Today we went to the Bug Out!

 After this happened to Jack, Alice said she wanted me to dump her ladybugs for her.

 They had face painting this year.

 I told them to sit together so I could take their picture and this is what I got.

 Looking a little more relaxed!  Alice was very nervous about Jack the whole time.  If he got close to any water she would grab his shirt and yell and try to pull him back.

 The weather was nice so we spent some time outside.  Jack loved racing this fountain...

 Over and over again!

 After lunch in Bricktown, we headed to the zoo.

 Jack loves this thing!

 It goes really high!

 Alice need a few more inches and even more pounds before she's big enough for the bouncer, so she rode the carousel.

 Something a little different in the fish tanks!

 Jack petting a star fish.

 We stopped back by the creek on the way out and Alice finally just got all the way in.  This is why we always bring extra clothes to the zoo!

This is supposed to be a picture of how deep the water was where Jack built his dam.  Right before I took it, though, this kid decided to relax and Jack didn't want to wait to take another one.  When I got home and looked at it on the computer I realized it looked like they had knocked this kid out.  I promise my kids are not zoo thugs!

We arrived home tired and hungry and sunburned, but we had a great day!

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