Sunday, May 12, 2013

Holy Road

I found I could go no more;
My basket empty,
and before me a thousand colored doors.*

 I remember the point in labor where you realize everything has just been leading up to this and now it's all really beginning.  In a few more minutes everything is going to change and you're just waiting to see what's behind the door.  What I didn't realize--at least then--is that behind that door are many more doors, and many more times that you find your basket empty.  Thankfully there is always something to fill it.

'Cause I know the soothe of a song when the trap has got me lame,
and I know the chorus of crickets singing out their nightly praise,
and I know the sound of a swelling storm just before it rains.

These are the stones of a holy road
and I pick them up and I gather them as I go. 

 Happy Mother's Day!


Jen U. said...

Beautiful post! Loved the pics. Happy Mother's Day, Jen!!

Amber said...

Is the Ultrasound new or old? NEW or OLD??????

Jen said...

Old!! That is Alice--no announcements!!