Friday, July 26, 2013

The Creative One

 Alice's creative tendencies have always been noticeable, but lately she's picking up steam.  Where you may see some random material to be tossed in the trash, she sees the supplies she needs for her next creation, like this bubble wrap skirt.  As Jay said recently, she gets an idea and then seems to think she can just will it into existence.  Sometimes she's actually successful.

 With Jay's help, she made a tin can telephone to talk to Jack across the hall.  The same weekend. she had elaborate plans for a house she was going to build at Grandma and Grandpa's, complete with indoor plumbing.

 After she saw a picture of one of my friends in a cat costume, she decided she needed her own, so I gave her a bag of pipe cleaners.  She came up with the tail design and I helped attach the ears.

 She often gets ideas from cartoons, and one morning she asked me to help make a TV.  When I finished, she made a remote for it.

Today she made Baggy the Puppet.

Today you can also read about the Adventurous One at MetroFamily.

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