Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Spavinaw State Park

 One of the crummy things about writing a travel column is that sometimes you have to visit places out of season in order to meet a deadline, and it seems like getting back to some of those places at more appropriate times just doesn't happen.  Today, though, we went back to Spavinaw State Park (which is actually the Spavinaw Area at Grand Lake State Park, but the sign just says Spavinaw State Park), which we visited a few months ago when we were researching for the May issue of MetroFamily.  It was so cold that day and the kids really wanted to play in the water so I told them we would try to come back in the summer.  (I think this picture is of the same area that's shown in the first picture of Spavinaw on the March post, so you can see the difference four months can make!)

 We went with my mom and dad and my sister and her kids.

 The kids spent almost the entire day in the water floating and swimming and playing.

 The water never got past my shoulders in any of the parts we were in, so it was perfect for the kids.

 There were plenty of shallow areas that were just right for sitting and looking for treasures.


 Catching minnows--they wanted to bring them home!

Alice with her shell "akecktion"--she loved looking for these.

We are all exhausted but we had a great day!


The Persimmon Perch said...

Looking for a park to visit tomorrow for a Family Day on my husband's day off and found your site and this post. Our kids would be giddy about finding shells among the other treasures... Could you describe where you were exactly? Thanks so much!! Julie

Jen said...

If you Google Spavinaw State Park, it will show two areas, and it is the one on the right (without the red flag) off of Highway 20/82. There is a road almost across from Rainbow Street that you will turn onto and it is a park area with restrooms and campsites and creek access. Have fun!