Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Pensacola Dam (And Other Places)

 We started last week off with a trip to the Pensacola Dam.  This picture is a little blurry, which is how I felt after traveling all day Saturday and then leaving early Monday morning for another whole day out.

 It was so crazy cold and windy, which was a big change from the weather we had two days earlier when we went to Grove!

 This is the lake side of the dam.  It was built between 1938 and 1940 from the Grand River.

 I'm not sure how many different tour guides they have, but if you can, you should ask for Roy Heginbotham.  He was great with the kids!  Here we are about to get in the old fashioned elevator.

 We went 11 stories down to the power house.

 See those two green pipes at the top?  Those are the same ones you can see from the picture of the dam from the lake side.  We were behind a lot of water!

 These pipes are big enough to drive a school bus through!

 Inside we had to wear earplugs because it was so loud.

 Giant wrench!

 After we left Langley, we went to the Spavinaw Area.  This place must be really beautiful when it's not winter!

 Even though it was so cold we stayed for a while because the kids were having so much fun playing.  We've got to go back there when it warms up!

 The kids found lots of shells!

 After stopping for lunch and to check out the Snowdale Area (which was gated off), we ended up at a park in Pryor.

 It even warmed up enough that most of the kids ditched their coats.

We went home a different way and stopped by my grandma's house for a while.  I went to get some chicken for dinner and came back to find Alice with some new crazy feet.

We've gotten to stay in town for over a week now and it has been wonderful--trips start again next week, though!

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