Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oklahoma State Parks

 When we got a new car a few months ago, my old car was still running but Jay thought I should have something more dependable for going out of town.  Road trip season is upon us now and I am really loving having a radio again!  Today we visited several state parks for an upcoming issue of MetroFamily Magazine.

 We started the day in Jay at the Delaware County Historical Society Museum.

 Half the stuff they showed us Jack would say, "My grandma has one of those!"  And he was usually right.

 Both of the kids remembered what this was from the museums last year on our Route 66 trips.  Even Alice is pretty good at identifying early 20th century household items.

 I was able to tell how this car started because I read about one like it last week.

 An old baby walker!

 The next stop was Disney State Park.

 It was cold!

 Then it was on to Cherokee State Park.

 We played for a bit to warm up.

 Our last stop was Bernice State Park.

 We walked on the trail.

 And checked out the observation towers.

 And spent quite a bit of time by the water.

 Alice found this fish skeleton!

Jack found what looks like some kind of fossil or imprint.

We had fun, but after almost ten hours on the road we were exhausted!  There's more to come!

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Rachel said...

On the drive from Jay to Disney State Park you passed our lake house. It is across from the Tijuana Fire Department. No joke!