Monday, March 18, 2013

Grove, Oklahoma

 As part of our state park trips, we went to Grove Saturday.  We stopped at the big McDonald's over the turnpike for breakfast.

 Our first stop was Har-Ber Village.  My mom, sister, niece, and nephew went with us.  After the night of (non)sleep I got, it was good that someone else was driving!

 A group shot as we got started.

 Har-Ber Village is made up of lots of different buildings that show different aspects of life in the past.

 Alice recognized campaign buttons from the trip we made to Jay not too long ago!

 Grandma and all the kids!

 In the old-fashioned schoolhouse

 The kids finally got to see someone (or something) hooked up to the perm machines they've seen so many times before!

 They have a Kids' Cabin that just opened where kids can play with everything!  Alice loved cooking on the stove.

 The kids can even go upstairs into the loft!

 Churning butter just like in the Little House books!

 Alice was so glad to get to hold her cousin's hand!

 We had Dairy Queen for lunch.

 Next it was on to Honey Creek State Park to play for a while.

We finished up at Lendonwood Gardens, which will probably be beautiful in about a month!

Today is our last trip and then it's time to get writing!

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