Monday, March 11, 2013


 We have been learning about pigeons and since I was pretty sure Jack didn't remember a whole lot from the Pigeon Days at our library when he was little, we took a field trip.  I came across the World of Wings Pigeon Center when I was zoomed in on Google maps looking for something else and when I contacted them I found out that they're not actually open right now because they are getting ready to move to a new building.  Laurie was nice enough to offer a private field trip for us, though, so we made the drive to Oklahoma City today.

 She told us about how pigeons were used by the military during World War I and World War II.

 This is one of the little containers that would be strapped to a pigeon's leg.

 Several pigeons would fit in the big container which would then be dropped from an airplane with a parachute.  The cone shaped thing is a container for one pigeon and the thing in front is called a corset and would go on the pigeon when it was being dropped from the plane.

 They also raise pigeons there.  We learned that pigeon breeding is a lot like dog breeding.  People want to buy from certain genetic lines to get the fastest pigeons for racing.

 We learned about pigeon anatomy and how you can check their feathers and tell if one has been sick or not.

Alice actually put her hand in the pigeon's mouth!  That's pretty brave for her!

We even got to take home a little message container and some pigeon bands!

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