Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fun Friday: Super Late Edition

 We really did have a fun Friday.  I made some new playdough--green with sparkles and chocolate (I added cocoa powder to the mix).

 We used it for Alice's school time and beyond.

 In the evening we went to my parents' to see the new TMNT episode and Return to Nim's Island.  Since we were going on a road trip early the next morning from their house, we went ahead and slept there.  That's where the fun ended.

The kids were asleep on the floor and I knew Alice would wake up at some point, so I was going to sleep on the couch.  Except I couldn't sleep.  When Alice woke up around 12:30, I was still awake and she wanted me to lie down next to her, so I did.  Except she couldn't sleep.  She needed her footie jammies, but they were at home.  She needed a chewie (Tylenol) for her legs, but I didn't have any.  She wanted to rock, so I rocked her.  She wanted me to sing to her, so I sang.  She wanted a fruit snack, but I didn't get her one.  It was just not the night for either of us.  I ended up getting about four hours of sleep on the floor, which was way less than I needed, but we ended up having a good day anyway and I was able to get to bed at 9:30 last night.

Pictures of our trip will be up soon, but first we have one more trip to take--and I have to reset the Kindle, which Alice somehow wiped out again!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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