Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Post About A Car

 I am not a car person and you're not going to hear me talk about cars much because I don't find them interesting at all, but bear with me.  

A few months after we moved to Omaha it became apparent that my 1991 Geo Prizm was not long for this world.  We went to the Toyota dealership and came out with a 2003 Corolla.  When Jay put $7000 down and assured me that there was also money left for groceries it was like finding out I was married to Daddy Warbucks.

 Friday morning, Jay took my car and went to get me a new one.  I felt kind of like this as I watched them drive off, but I tried to hold it together because I'd already done my makeup.

 Over the last ten years this car has been a dining room,

 a bedroom,

 and sometimes both at once.

 It's been a phone booth,

 a playground,

 a library,

 and a mobile real estate office.  (We don't let the grass get that high anymore.)

 It's taken us up mountains,

 It brought two of my babies home from the hospital

 and one home from a war.

 168,341 miles of adventures.

Friday afternoon he brought me...another Corolla.


abraggs02 said...

That is a very sweet post. It is funny how even cars become part of our family. I know the new car will provide many wonderful memories too.

April said...

loved your post, jen
made ME cry!

Amber said...

Oh, Jen! Great post!!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Hope your new Corolla experiences as much fun as the last one did. :) ~Michele R.