Wednesday, November 7, 2012

President of the Week Finale

 Did you hear that there was an election yesterday?  And does it look to you like those people in the wheelchairs are playing chicken?

 We finished up our President of the Week project with an election night dinner comprised of:

eggs (William McKinley)
jelly beans (Ronald Reagan)
pickles (John Adams)
fruit (John Quincy Adams)
cheese and crackers (Abraham Lincoln)
peanut butter and honey sandwiches (Mitt Romney--A girl can dream, right?)
(And a little leftover chicken cordon bleu a drug rep brought by the office.)

My friend Jayme sent me a link to this article about presidential foods a while back that I don't think I ever shared here.  It is really interesting!

 We put all of the layer books from the year into a notebook.

Be sure to visit Homeschool Share for these layer books as well as many other free lapbook resources!

Even though Election Day is over, you can still vote for Homeschool Share and the Homeschool Share Blog in the Homeschool Blog Awards in the categories of Best Variety Blog and Best SUPER Homeschooler!  Unlike governmental elections, you can legally vote multiple times from multiple devices, so get to it!

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