Friday, November 30, 2012

Fun Friday: Movies, Momentos, and Movember

 Today I surprised the kids by taking them to the movies.  I didn't tell them until we were getting ready to leave where we were going.  I had to tell them then because I was bringing our popcorn bucket and Halloween candy.

 We also put our FIAR ornaments in the mail.  This year Jack decided he wanted to do a lantern for Paul Revere's Ride.  (And some exciting news--for me, anyway--Mark Shasha, the author of Night of the Moonjellies, which we used for ornament inspiration a couple of years ago, left a comment on my blog the other day.  That might be the worst constructed sentence I've ever written, but whatever.  I was super excited.)

Have you heard about Movember?  It looks like Jack has.  This is what he looked like this evening.  That's pudding, by the way.

It seems that he sometimes channels his toddler self, but in a slightly more stylish way.

Read about planning for the holidays here.

Happy Friday!

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