Friday, November 16, 2012

Fun Friday: Books to Treasure

 Tonight we went to Books to Treasure!

 My kids thought it was pretty cool to ride in my sister's van.

 This year the author/illustrator was Mo Willems.  This is kind of blurry because I had to zoom waaay in.

 It was so crazy crowded!  We never sat down (which will please my grandma because she was concerned about us going there since they had bedbugs in one chair earlier this year) and there were way more people than you can see here.  There were even people upstairs watching over the balconies!

 The bright side to not having a seat was getting in the book signing line quickly.  If you have ever been to the downtown library, the line filled the downstairs auditorium and lobby and went back up the stairs to the main level.  I wouldn't be surprised if there were still people in line right now!

Also, Happy Birthday to Oklahoma!  We had some cake this afternoon.  I am looking forward to watching this (Sunday) and reading this (whenever I get to the top of the library's hold list).

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Amber is the winner of the easel and canvas!

Happy Friday!


Rachel said...

So cool you got to go! I wondered if you went. I thought about it but when it was at night at the Central library I decided not to. Now I get to experience it through your pics! lol

Amber said...

Winning! :-)