Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fun Friday: Parents' Night Out Edition

 The kids had a fairly good day--How bad can it be when you get to watch Freaky Friday and are in your jammies until 4:00 in the afternoon?  (And yes, we did do school first.)  Jay and I had a night out, though, which was great!

 We really went to see Mark Knopfler.  (These are bad pictures because we were by the aisle and the usher kept walking up and down saying, "No pictures!  No pictures!" and that kind of cramped my style.)  He didn't sing my favorite song (it's a duet with Emmylou Harris), but he was great anyway.

I wasn't really expecting to enjoy the Bob Dylan (that's him in the hat on the right side) part much because even though I think he's a fabulous songwriter, his voice just doesn't do anything for me.  However, it was ohmygoodnesssososocool to see him sing (well, speak, really) "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" accompanied by Mark Knopfler.  And the encore was "Blowin' in the Wind" all jazzed up.  Very nice.

On the way home we discussed his style and I am curious to know how he presents a song.  When he wrote "Make You Feel My Love" did he hear it like Adele sings it?  And if so, why does he just say the words?  It's weird. He still has a surprisingly strong voice for a guy who's been doing this for fifty-something years.  

Happy late Friday!
(Here's my favorite version of "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" for you.)

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