Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Reading

 This year I wrapped all of our Christmas books and each morning we are doing an Advent reading with the Jesus Storybook Bible and the kids are taking turns unwrapping a Christmas book to read.  Somehow we were already behind (perhaps something to do with a couple of long days out!) so today we read more than one!

 Once a book has been unwrapped it goes into the basket by the fireplace.  We haven't had much need for a fire when it's been in the 70s, but hopefully that will change soon!  On the left is the magnetic Advent calendar we have had since Jack was little and the kids are taking turns with that, too.

For my Christmas reading, I'm finishing up The Twelve Clues of Christmas.  If you haven't read the Royal Spyness series you need to.  Now.

And if you're looking for some Christmas books for the kids, check out my post on our favorites at the Homeschool Share Blog!

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