Friday, December 7, 2012

Fun Friday: Traditions

 Every year since we've moved back we go to see the Nutcracker scenes at Utica Square.  I'm good at picking chilly and/or rainy days for this.  Thankfully it wasn't too cold and was only misting off and on today.

 Six kids in one phone booth--and only two ended up in tears.  Considering how close they were packed in, that's probably pretty good.

 We stopped by Santa's cottage and all the kids talked with him a bit--even Alice!  They got cookies, too!

 Then it was on to Philbrook for the Festival of Trees.

 Alice liked the tutu tree.

 She also had to smell every. single. gingerbread house.

 This was Jack's favorite.  Isn't that slide awesome?

 We're so thankful for great friends!

 We found a leaf as big as Alice's face.

We wrapped up our evening with Home Alone.  It was the first time the kids have seen it and Jack said it was terrific.  Judging by her laughter, Alice agreed.

Happy Friday!

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