Monday, December 31, 2012

Books Read in 2012

I've always liked to read, but this is the first year I've kept a list of all the books I read--not including picture books or read-alouds.  I put a * by my favorites!

1.  Code Busters Club #1--Penny Warner

2.  Missing on Superstition Mountain--Elise Broach
3.  Murder in the PTA—Laura Alden
4.  Closet Confidential—Mary Jane Maffini*
5.  Organize Your Corpses--Mary Jane Maffini*
6.  Death Loves a Messy Desk--Mary Jane Maffini*
7.  Murder of a Creped Suzette—Denise Swanson
8.  The Busy Woman’s Guide to Murder--Mary Jane Maffini*
9.  The Cluttered Corpse--Mary Jane Maffini*
10.  The Tilting House—Tom Llewellyn
11.  A Long Way from Chicago—Richard Peck*
12.  A Year Down Yonder—Richard Peck*
13.  A Season of Gifts—Richard Peck*
14.  Foul Play at the PTA—Laura Alden
15.  The Kellyhorns—Barbara Cooney
16.  Secrets at Sea—Richard Peck
17.  Here Lies the Librarian—Richard Peck*
18.  The Great Wheel—Robert Lawson
19.  On the Wings of Heroes—Richard Peck*
20.  Frankly, My Dear, I’m Dead—Livia J. Washburne
21.  The Teacher’s Funeral—Richard Peck*
22.  The Orphan of Ellis Island—Elvira Woodruff
23.  Bloom—Kelle Hampton*
24.  Matisse on the Loose—Georgia Bragg
25.  Heaven is Here—Stephanie Nielson
26.  Moon Over Manifest—Clare Vanderpool*
27.  All the Lovely Bad Ones—Mary Downing Hahn
28.  Destiny of the Republic:  A Tale of Madness, Medicine, and the
            Murder of a President—Candice Millard*
29.  Homicide in Hardcover—Kate Carlisle
30.  If Books Could Kill—Kate Carlisle
31.  The Lies that Bind—Kate Carlisle
32.  Murder Under Cover—Kate Carlisle
33.  One Book in the Grave—Kate Carlisle
34.  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone—J.K. Rowling*
35.  Hot Time in the Old Town:  The Great Heat Wave of 1896 and 
            the Making of Theodore Roosevelt—Edward P. Kohn
36.  Ruby Holler—Sharon Creech*
37.  Chasing Redbird—Sharon Creech*
38.  The Homeschool Experiment—Charity Hawkins
39.  Sew Deadly—Elizabeth Lynn Casey
40.  Death Threads—Elizabeth Lynn Casey
41.  Pinned for Murder—Elizabeth Lynn Casey
42.  My So-Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife—Sara Horn
43.  Miracle’s Boys—Jacqueline Woodson
44.  Wonderstruck—Brian Selznick*
45.  The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln--Stephen L. Carter
46.  Letting Go of Perfect—Amy E. Spiegel
47.  Let’s Play Dead—Sheila Connolly
48.  A Comedy of Heirs—Rett MacPherson*
49.  A Misty Mourning—Rett MacPherson*
50.  Family Skeletons—Rett MacPherson*
51.  A Veiled Antiquity—Rett MacPherson*
52.  Killing Cousins—Rett MacPherson*
53.  The Dancing Pancake—Eileen Spinelli
54.  Keepsake Crimes—Laura Childs
55.  Photo Finished--Laura Childs
56.  Blood Relations—Rett MacPherson*
57.  Marland Tragedy—Kim Brumley
58.  In Sheep’s Clothing—Rett MacPherson*
59.  The Broken Statue—Bob Perry
60.  Thicker Than Water—Rett MacPherson*
61.  Dead Man Running—Rett MacPherson*
62.  The Twelve Clues of Christmas—Rhys Bowen*
63.  Died in the Wool—Rett MacPherson*
64.  The Blood Ballad—Rett MacPherson*
65.  Mrs. Jeffries and the Yuletide Weddings—Emily Brightwell
66.  The Inspector and Mrs. Jeffries--Emily Brightwell 

Happy Reading!

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Amber said...

You kept a list! I am so proud of you!!