Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

 Last night we did our traditional New Year's Eve bags.

 Both kids were excited about opening them!  We started at 4:00 with signs (see below) and at 5:00 we made video time capsules.

 Jack made a waiter costume and brought me snacks from the kitchen.

 6:00 was glow in the dark bowling.  The pink glow stick is Alice and the blue one is Jack.

 Grandma and Grandpa came for part of the evening!

 At 7:00 we had a pizza picnic and watched Enchanted.

 Alice passed out 2012 masks to everyone.

 At 8:00 we had dessert.

 I found the idea for these confetti cookies on Pinterest.  It would be better if you made the cookies really thin because by the time you have three of them together, you've got a monster cookie!

 At 9:00 we made noisemakers.

 At 10:00 we played Go Nuts!

 Jack with a beef jerky mustache.

 Around 10:30 I got into my jammies and washed my face and started watching Perry Mason.

 The 11:00 bag had a new puzzle.  We didn't start it because Jack and Bobey were so cozy.

 Not long after 11:00, Jack looked like this.  (Alice made it until almost 9:00.)  We woke him up for the countdown and went to bed right after.

 At noon today we did our 12:00 bag--confetti balloons!

 It must have been pretty exciting because Alice actually took a nap this afternoon!

Happy 2013!

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