Friday, January 4, 2013

Fun Friday: The First Road Trip

 Today we took our first road trip in the new car.
 We went to the science museum and Alice was up for trying all kinds of new things, like the Segways.

 Her favorite thing was the rocket simulator, which she tried first with Jack and Nicholas.

 These pictures are pretty Alice-heavy because Jack was with friends much of the time and when he was with us, he was usually too fast for me to get a picture that wasn't blurry!

 Jack (with a fake hand) high-fiving Otto (also with a fake hand--well, faker than his robot hand).

 Alice rode the rocket simulator again with Abby.

 She also tried the bed of nails, something she hasn't done since she left the womb.

 She is sure she can do all the things the big kids can do, even if she has to dangle in the air to do them.

Afterward we went to the LEGO store.  Nicholas was our first third passenger in the back seat and the kids thought this was really cool since our old car only had two seat belts in the back.

 Alice sporting her free Ninjago sticker.

 While we were at the mall I picked up a new Castle calendar to replace my old Castle calendar.

Speaking of Castle, one of the presents I got Jay finally arrived last night!

Happy Friday!

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