Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Water Zoo

 Yesterday we got up very early to visit the Water Zoo.

 Alice loved the splash pad area.  She went on the tiger slide over and over but she kept sliding off the blue mat and eventually had to stop because her buns hurt from sliding on the rough floor.

 Most of my pictures of Jack look like spy pictures.

 That's because he spent most of his time climbing this huge staircase--64 steps, he tells me.
 He loved the water slides.

 The slides start inside then go outside and then back in.  The yellow one puts you into the blue and green circle and I kept going around and around and finally had to hang onto the sides and push my tube toward the exit!

 Playing in the basketball pool.

 Floating on the lazy river.

 We just chillin' on the sea.
(We've listened to this song about a million times over the last few days.)

 Alice wasn't sure what to think of the wave pool.

 There's a water playground upstairs with slides for smaller kids.

 Jack about to get doused!

We spent seven hours there and another seven on the road.  This is what they looked like at the last stop light on the way home.  We all went right to bed!


Rachel said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I gotta know where that is located!

Anonymous said...

Laughed out loud at that last picture of Jack sleeping! How in the world could he sleep in that position???? He must have been totally worn out!

Jen U. said...

What a fun place! I wish we had a water zoo nearby!

Anonymous said...

Wanted to find out if it would be okay with you to use the photos you took at The Water Zoo on our Facebook Page. Thank you.