Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun Friday: Show Time!

 Today we went to a show at the PAC.  Jack has been before, but this was Alice's first time.

 We saw Rock the Presidents, a show that was about an hour long and filled with Schoolhouse Rock-type songs about the presidents.

 Afterward we had lunch and played with friends.

Alice worked on her tree-climbing skills.

 Tonight we went to my mom and dad's to see the new episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Jay and Jack had planned on watching it together, but Jay wasn't able to leave the office, so he watched it there while Jack watched it at home and they stayed on the phone the entire time so they could discuss it.

When we got home, the kids wanted to have a sleepover, which means they get to watch a show on the Kindle while they're in bed--a rare treat.  Even Boris joined in!

Speaking of shows, I have finally gotten the chance to start watching Downton Abbey and if my children didn't require food or attention I would probably lock myself in my room and watch every episode over a 24 hour period.  It's that good. 

I often forget to share links, but I'm still blogging at the Homeschool Share Blog and at MetroFamily, so check them out!

Happy Friday!

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