Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Learning Together: Hanna's Cold Winter & Goodnight Gorilla

 This week I have a post up at the Homeschool Share Blog about younger and older kids learning together.  We did this a bit last fall when Jack rowed The Pumpkin Runner while Alice rowed Katy No-Pocket, but I never got around to sharing it here.  Over Christmas break I worked on coordinating some of the books they would be using so we could have some overlap in our fun activities.

First up:  Hanna's Cold Winter for Jack and Goodnight Gorilla for Alice.  For printables we used Homeschool Share.

 I really love Steve Jenkins books.  (You might recall that I stood in a really long line to have him sign our books even though I was on the verge of getting sick in line.  I'm still glad I stuck it out!)  We read this one...

 ...and compared our hands to a gorilla's hand.

 We also used these as go-alongs.

 Tilt your head and see if you see anything funny about this picture.

 Jack learned about symbiotic relationships with How to Clean a Hippopotamus.  Yes, it's another Steve Jenkins book--review to be on the HSS Blog in March, I think.  I used the type-it-in lapbook templates that are free to HSS Blog subscribers to make a lapbook piece for the book.

 When I was looking for books on hippos at the library I happened across this one and brought it home.  It is the true story of a hippo who was rescued after the 2004 tsunami and formed a relationship with an Aldabra Tortoise.  You can read more about them at their website.

 When we went to our zoo we were able to get really close to the Aldabra Tortoises!

 We don't have gorillas or hippos at our zoo, but we saw the chimpanzees.

We saw a few other animals from Goodnight Gorilla, too!
During that week's tea time we had zoo animal cookies.

Next week the second part of my post will be up and we will be starting our second round of learning together!

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