Saturday, December 15, 2012

Artist Study: Frederic Remington

 Our most recent artist study was on Frederic Remington.

 We got to see some of his work when we visited the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in October.  Photographs weren't allowed in the galleries, but we found an enlargement of "Coming Through the Rye" outside.

 In the children's building they had a neat display where you can feel the difference between different kinds of sculptures.

 We also visited Gilcrease (where photographs are also not allowed) and saw more of Remington's work.  Then we made our own sculptures in the art room!

 We also found a couple of the SmART Cards on Frederic Remington!

One of the books we read was Slim and Miss Prim, which is not actually about Remington, but I came across it accidentally when I was looking for children's books on him--there aren't many!  The artist used "Coming Through the Rye" as an inspiration for this illustration.  And of course we read the Getting to Know... book about Remington!

 Remington was a painter and a sculptor so we painted some horses and the tried our hand at sculpting using an activity from Great American Artists for Kids.

 We had never used an oven bake clay before, so the Sculpey took a little getting used to after using Model Magic so much--a very different feel!  This is the face Alice made all by herself!

 After we baked the faces, we made impressions in blocks of Sculpey.

 Then we filled them with plaster and let them dry.

 Once they dried, we pulled them out an painted them.  You can make as many as you want if you are careful with your mold!  (If you want to show your kids how bronze sculptures are made, this is a good video to watch.)

 Our finished pieces!  Yes, mine looks like a drag queen.  I gave it big eyebrows because I wanted features that would stand out, but the color of the lips looks funny and the sparkly paint doesn't help.  We really had fun doing this project!

Now we're learning about Grandma Moses!

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