Sunday, September 9, 2012

Quartz Mountain

 The whole reason we made our little road trip was to visit Quartz Mountain for an upcoming Exploring Oklahoma With Children article.  My friend Rachel and her four kids were  nice enough to accompany us on our adventure!

 Our first stop was the nature center.  Jack usually comes up with some good poses when animal parts are involved.

 Alice and Sam loved playing in the track tray!

 Next we tried out the Cave Trail.

 Everyone made it!

 Alice liked being able to climb up like the big kids.

 Zoe found a frog and Alice thought it was great!


 We tried another trail after lunch.  It was about 100 degrees at this point--no exaggeration.  I had put this trip off until September so it wouldn't be so hot.  I guess I should have waited until October!

 This doesn't look like our landscape in northeast Oklahoma!

 At the end of the trail there was more space for climbing.

 See that speck at the top of the mountain?  That's Jack.

Poor Alice got in some kind of really fine cactus needles as she was scooting down a rock.  I couldn't find anymore on her shorts and it turned out they were actually stuck in her buns--which led to me buying the last pair of tweezers in a convenience store and trying to get her to hold still so I could get them out.  And as I was trying to console her at the bottom of the mountain, the other kids were getting stuck and getting into bigger cactus needles.  I am pretty sure Rachel may not ever go anywhere with me again.  Except for that part, though, we had fun, and I am positive the kids aren't going to forget it!

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