Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

 There was some labor going on this Labor Day.  We went to my mom and dad's so the guys could help cut down a tree.  There was a lot of consulting and some chains hooked to the truck and then my dad just sawed it down.

 The kids liked standing on the big stump, which my dad is going to make into a seat for them.  (Alice is standing that way because I told her to be really still while I stepped back and she froze.)  Now that the tree is down these pictures remind me of pictures from when the house was built--before I was born!

 Then they moved on to a second tree.  This picture made me think of a math problem because it was a really tall tree!

 I was a little nervous because I noticed that you could see daylight between the parts of the tree and my dad was still next to it.

 But it fell right where he said it would!

 The big kids played in the tree--and this stump will be another chair.

 Alice entertained herself with tiny acorns.

 And mud.  Lots of mud.

 Jack with his wooden axe.

 The kids had their dessert in the tree fort.  They think this should be a permanent part of the landscaping.

 Our whole weekend was busy!  Saturday night we all went out for a birthday dinner for my grandma and her twin sister, who turned 82 today.


 Sunday we went over to Jay's parents' house to see some family from out of town.  The big guys played horseshoes and the little guys played badminton and Alice and I just tried not to melt.

It was a great weekend!

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