Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Mother Road

Today we picked up my mother (who for some reason is not in any of these pictures) and hit The Mother Road. These trips lately are for an article I am writing, so I don't want to write everything here, but here is a glimpse of a few fun things--and I'll link up the article when it's published!

Our first stop today was the Coleman Theatre in Miami.

Honestly, their website does not do the place justice--and neither does this picture. It is beautiful!

After a lunch break, we visited Twin Bridges State Park.

The kids loved the playground.

Alice loved the pinecones.

Our last stop for the day was Afton Station, where the owner, Laurel, has a great collection of Route 66 memorabilia and Packards.

This one has covered all 2,448 miles of Route 66!

I noticed this one because I think Richard Peck mentioned the Hupmobile in A Long Way From Chicago. (As an addendum to my previous post, you should read A Season of Gifts, about the same characters. Also, I just checked out Secrets at Sea and noticed that on the cover, Lemony Snicket says,"If you don't like books by Richard Peck, there is probably something very wrong with you." I agree.)

We were going to take my mom to see the totem pole, but it doesn't seem there is an exit off of the Interstate for the highway we needed to take--yet another reason to take the long way!

When we got home, we had stew for dinner. You might recall that we are trying to have the favorite food of the president we're learning about each week. This week was William Henry Harrison, who liked squirrel stew and hard cider. The squirrel in the bowl on the table is as close as we're going to get to that in my kitchen. God bless John Tyler for liking pudding since next week is a crazy week!


Laurel said...

It was a joy to have you, your mom, and your two very sweet kids come for a visit yesterday. And, I love your blog!!! Keep up the good work, and come back to visit again soon.

Laurel Kane
Afton Station

Amber said...

I love it when you travel OK. Great post!!