Monday, March 26, 2012

Alice Gets Dippin Dots

At two, Alice has already learned how to put a knife in my heart and give it a twist. A couple of weeks ago, we were at the mall while Jack was in class. Although we used to go to the mall quite a lot when Jack was little, it is wildly inconvenient now that we've moved and we rarely go. When we went at Christmas, we got Dippin Dots, which is Jack's favorite ice cream--that we used to get all the time at our old mall. But back to the story...As we walked past the Dippin Dots stand, Alice asked for some. I was in a hurry to run a couple more errands before we went to pick up Jack and told her no. "Oh," she said, "do we just get that ice cream with Bub?" And I realized she had never gotten to get it on her own. And so when Jack was in class today we went to get some Dippin Dots, just for Alice.

And we rode the carousel, too, for good measure. As much as we joke about her being high-maintenance, Alice really does go with the flow. During a regular week, Jack is in some kind of class for at least 6 hours; some weeks it's 8. For 5 of those hours, she has to stay there, waiting in the hallway or gym, and she literally never complains.

When we picked Jack up, he was not happy that we got Dippin Dots without him and said he would rather have gone with us than to class. And of course, Sister had cried all the way to the mall because she would rather go with him than to the mall. Gah.

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