Monday, March 5, 2012

Artist Study: Kandinsky

February's artist was Wassily Kandinsky. (Excuse the funny angle, but I was trying to get the least amount of glare!)

There aren't many books for kids on Kandinsky, but this one that we already owned had some information.

This one from the library (but we've checked out so many times we should probably just buy it) also was good.

We made a colorweaver.

I love how Jack's circles painting turned out!

One day we had Kandinsky cookies--they would have turned out better if I had checked to see what colors we had ahead of time, but at least this way I cleaned out some icing!

We wrapped up the month with a visit to our favorite museum to see a Kandinsky in person!

(Read more about museums at my latest post on MetroFamily!)

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Ami said...

This is great, Jen! I'm pinning for future reference! :) Ami