Tuesday, March 13, 2012


{ a monkey on my back}

I sat down to do a post on the rest of the Route 66 trips we did last week, but I realized I don't really have time to do that right now. I ought to be writing the article...

{Alice playing Fruit Ninja on my sister-in-law's phone}

Tomorrow will be the first day in at least two weeks that we've stayed home. To say I'm excited would be an understatement.

{Jack after studying Carnival in his geography class}

What will we do with a full day at home? School, for one thing. We're almost behind on our presidents, and that could end up badly if we don't get back on track now. Cleaning, too. My house is kind of scary. And laundry. My dryer isn't working right now, so I have to do frequent small loads so things can dry on the racks.

{somersaults while watching Jack's kickball game}

Daylight Savings Time has hit me hard. Alice doesn't see the need for sleep. I was excited that she didn't take a nap today because she has been up so late the last two nights. She kept it going until about 9:00. Now I have an article to work on, wrinkly damp clothes to press, and about ten pounds of hamburger meat to cook.

I'm looking forward to an unknown date in the future when the house is clean, lessons are planned, and all my deadlines are met. All at the same time. It's probably not in the next few years, but I can dream.

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