Friday, March 16, 2012

Fun Friday: St. Patrick's Day

We made these cute handprint leprechauns today. I saw them on Pinterest, from Meet the Dubiens, which appears to be an awesome blog full of things I would like to claim I do, but alas, I do not.

This week we had St. Patrick's cookies for tea time. Jack had requested the stained glass cookies we'd made before and I was thinking I would make them all yellow, like a pot of gold, but I didn't check the bag before so when I went to make them, I found that we had about seven Jolly Ranchers left, none of which were yellow. C'est la vie.

Tonight we had mint chocolate chip shakes for dessert.

Today we read through some of our St. Patrick's Day books.

This book, a take-off on Twas the Night Before Christmas, was one Jack remembered from before. He loves the prank the leprechaun pulls at the end.

This year he was inspired to make his own leprechaun traps after reading the book. This one, hanging from our light fixture, has coins to lure them in, and then hopefully they will knock down the plate and the cloth will fall on them, trapping them.

In case you can't see it, it says, "shiny treasure inside."

Four different traps set up in the living room. He told me he was like Fred (from Scooby-Doo).

When I came downstairs tonight after taking my shower, it seemed that some leprechauns had already come by! I also heard some rustling from the traps in the living room, but I'll let Jack check those in the morning.
Other random stuff:

Did you catch this article about John Tyler a while back? He still has living grandchildren! Freaky! We read this article this week as we were playing catch up and learning about Tyler and Polk.
Have you seen Beehive and Birdsnest? Perhaps it is very popular and I'm the last one to know about it, but I found this blog this week through Pinterest and she cracks me up!
The dryer repairman came and tinkered around this afternoon for a while and then announced that he didn't know how to fix this kind of dryer. We bought it at the Lowe's down the road, so surely it's not that high-tech. Anyway, after an hour of calling around, the soonest I could get someone to come out was Monday, so we're doing laundry triage until then.
When I checked my library account this morning, I noticed it was still showing a Monet DVD we had returned yesterday. I called, and though I didn't know the librarian by name, I recognized his voice and even though he didn't know my name, he knew who I was right off the bat and told me he remembered checking it in. A few weeks ago, another librarian informed me we had a mutual friend on Facebook. I think I might go to the library a bit more than the average person.
This week's post is up at Metro Family. In it, I admit that I need a tissue nearby if I'm trying to read Pocketful of Pinecones. Sorry, friends, but I just can't do it. It's still sitting in my shelf looking nice, though, and it makes me laugh to think about it.
Happy Friday!

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Kendra said...

We don't own a dryer ;) You get use to the hanging them out thing which is what I do to our clothes to dry them.. My eldest has informed me lately that he hopes I I keep Daddy's unders to the inside of the hills hoist so the neighbors don't see them as it could be embarrassing for said child. Apparently if they see his own personal unders he's cool with that, but if they spotted his fathers he'd die of embarrassment. Seriously!, & we have a six foot high privacy fence with taller bushes and trees around half the yard. HA!