Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Clown of God

We've spent the last week with The Clown of God. Tomie dePaola is one of our favorites! There is also a DVD of this story we were able to get from our library.

We read through a lot of go alongs this week! We're still waiting on The Little Juggler to come in from the library, so we may spend a day on this when we start back after Christmas.

Giovanni meets up with two Little Brothers in the story, so we learned a little about Saint Francis.

We tried out some suncatchers. After having the beads roll out multiple times, Jack sat his aside--we'll finish it up over break.

Sister discovered that it is much easier if you dump all the beads in at once.

We had stained glass cookies for tea time--sugar cookies with Jolly Ranchers melted in the middle.

We used lapbooking pieces from Homeschool Share.

We'll finish up these pages with a picture of Jack's suncatcher and pieces for The Little Juggler.

Now we're starting a few days with The Legend of the Candy Cane before Christmas break!

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Phyllis said...

Wonderful unit. Your stained glass cookies turned out beautifully.